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Unheard prayers

Prayer is so hard me

Here it goes

I pray someone is praying for me

For my well being

My heart

My soul

I pray someone is praying for me

For my success

My downs

My outs

I pray someone is praying for me

It is too hard to pray for myself

When my sins flash like neon

Lights on a lonely road

When the presence of God

Is unfelt in my spirit

When the direction I ask for

Seems to fall on deaf ears

And I don't know ASL anymore

I never learned braille

I cannot see what ought to be done

Literally flying by the seat of my pants

I want to feel the faith that many say

Guides their feet meanwhile my dangle

As I hangglide aimlessly in this realm

I pray someone prays for me

For my peace

My joy

My contentment

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