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Standing in my truth

Standing in our truth

That is the catchphrase

How do I stand in a truth

I don't accept

The truth is I want something

More than what I have

The truth is I believe that more

Is elsewhere

I feel compelled

No coerced to make the truth

I want out for out's sake

Standing in my truth

I want out some thing more else where

Will out change what's in

Seems like I should

Have that answer first

It is the great unknown

Something else isn't always better

But belief must start somewhere

I start with you

Inner self reaching toward

The muse of inspiration

Clawing out of fear and normative

Life filled with quiet expectations

Of duties I no longer want and don't serve me

You, love that is unconditional

And judgement free even if there is

Stuff to unpack the love will

Be waiting after the clothes are put

Back in drawers and closets from emotional vacations years in the making

The more I say it that more true it is

Speak your spells into manifestation

Be clear with wants and desires

My truth is I want freedom to love

Who I love, how I love

To let inspiration guide me from

The energy sources gifted to me

Long ago from kindred spirits

That pour life into my creative process

And asks, no demands that I reference

Their aura and let it lead me like

A righteous man leads a woman

And helps mold her into the queen

He saw when she was a youth

Standing in my truth may break hearts

And send others into rapid fire sync

As time and distance prove no match

For the connection is God made

And will last in this world and the world to come

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