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My actions speak louder than self-praise

My actions speak louder than self-praise.

I celebrate my ability to allow my actions to tell my story. My accomplishments and strengths are best announced when I show them in action. They speak much louder than any words I try to sell them with.

Being a formidable competitor gives me self-confidence. But I avoid talking about how good I am.

When I remain underrated, I am able to take my competition by surprise. My quiet confidence has more worth to me than boastful words. I enjoy the element of surprise that I deliver when I allow my actions to do the talking.

When I am victorious, I accept it with humility. I know that my success is based on the effort I put into the task at hand.

I treasure each of my talents as a blessing. I prefer to use my skills to help others instead of uplifting myself. There is more value to be gained from using my abilities to make the lives of others better. My role as a helper is one I embrace with pride.

Today, I allow my actions to speak for themselves. I am committed to making positive steps in life without having to announce them. My success comes from knowing that my best work produces the desired outcome.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is my reaction to those who find it necessary to boast?

2. When do I find it necessary to defend my abilities to others?

3. How difficult is it for me to practice humility in the face of competition?

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