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I was a mother before I birthed my own

Practicing these instincts with others

My first child, daughter of a man I loved

I could only show him my love for her

My second child, son of a friend

He was 3, now 30,

We have a 27 year relationship

I mothered a baby I never held

Samantha, I will always love you

This forth child, my Sunshine

I have been with her for

14 years 4 months 12 days

Conception to today

The first to call me Mommie

Give me all the hugs and kisses

Give me all the hell and fire

This forth child closes the square

Keeping me on mine

I thank God and her soul for picking

This woman, me, to have her pass thru

I understand she is just but passing

My Sunshine doesn't belong me

And yet she is fully mine

Temporarily in my care to gain

Size, knowledge, experiences

I was a mother before I birthed my own

But My Sunshine closed the square and

Keeps me on mine

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