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Mindful breathing sustains and energizes me

Mindful breathing sustains and energizes me. Each inhalation energizes me. When I use more of my breathing capacity, I immediately feel more vibrant. My face begins to glow.

Each exhalation is an opportunity for cleansing and purification. I release stale air and toxins from my body.

Deep and relaxed breathing calms me and puts me at ease. It strengthens my heart. It helps me to manage stress. It also brings relief from pain.

To get in touch with my breath, I lie on my back. I notice how abdominal breathing takes over naturally and efficiently. I rest my hands on my stomach and feel them rise and fall.

I inhale deeply through my nose. I fill my lungs at the bottom, in the middle, and on the top. I gently release my breath. I exhale at my own pace. Gradually, I slow down. Eventually, the duration of my inhalations and exhalations begin to match. I devote equal time to both.

A feeling of peace descends on me. I let go of my daily worries. I feel renewed. When I feel ready, I slowly shift my mind from my breath back to my surroundings. Now, I am ready to tackle whatever comes my way.

My breath makes me powerful and fearless. My physical and mental health are rejuvenated.

Today, I stop taking my breath for granted. I practice mindful breathing and welcome the benefits.

Self-Reflection Questions: 1. How can I remind myself to focus on my breath when I feel stressed? 2. What connections do I notice between my state of mind and my breath? 3. How can I remind myself to practice mindful breathing on a regular basis?

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