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King and I

We must see now that the evils of racism, economic exploitation and militarism are all tied together. And you can’t get rid of one without getting rid of the other

Mmm during a pandemic economic exploitation seen in realtime gave folks space to see the evils of racism kill a man in the streets from an over militarized police leading the charge for change

It may be true that morality cannot be legislated, but behavior can be regulated. It may be true that the law cannot change the heart but it can restrain the heartless. It may be true that the law can't make a man love me, but it can restrain him from lynching me, and I think that's pretty important also

What to do about Jan 6th? There is of course charge all caught with federal murder charges for those killed during the treacherous act. Since we love the cash bond system so much, using it in ways that the proportion asked is the same as poor folks, making it a bit harder to get out. Use the law against them in the same manner as if they are Black and brown.

The problems of racial injustice and economic injustice cannot be solved without a radical redistribution of political and economic power.

He had the answer...


No silly!

A fucking revolution based in love

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