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I teach others how to treat me by how I treat myself.

I teach others how to treat me by how I treat myself. I listen to my inner voice that tells me how valuable I am. It reminds me that I am worth the best of everything. How I treat myself dictates to others how I expect to be treated.

Being respectful of my time means using it productively instead of wasting it. When I show others how I spend my days, I am able to send a message to them. My usage of time encourages productive and useful discourse with others.

I say positive things about myself in person and in public. By affirming that I am confident and loyal, I attract others who admire my confidence. I attract people who respect my loyalty and feel encouraged to be loyal to me in return.

I treat myself respectfully by turning away ungentlemanly advances. I expect to be treated like a lady so I behave like a lady at all times. Displaying ladylike behavior shows others what my expectations are. Anyone who approaches me in an offensive manner is turned away. My self-worth is too great for me to make room for those who are disrespectful to me.

Today, I know what I want so I display behaviors that encourage the achievement of those desires. My ability to teach others about my boundaries ensures that I am treated respectfully. I am courageous when it comes to defending my pride and honor.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I show how I want to be treated in the workplace?

  2. In what ways does independence identify me as a contender for a promotion?

  3. What are some of my values that help to build my character?

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