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An ordinary looking seed

Small, round, unassuming

Damp, earthy bark, dirt decomposing matter

Mossy darkness wrapped tightly round

Thru torrential rain and blistering heat

This seed cracks her outer shell letting one spinney root push into the murky wetness searching for



Time allows

What is she? How will she grow?

Pale green stem attached to curled leaf strong enough to break the soil and yet so very fragile on the other side

He stands over her

Adjusting light and water

He wants her to grow

He loves admiring her determination

Efflorescence in real time

Her blooms almost full

Shades of blue and gold

Dipped in dazzle reflecting earlier love

He doesn't look at her

Well not like before

He walks by and smiles sometimes even smells the blossom

No longer attentive to daily needs watering pruning speaking life into her

He can't see her roots begging for nourishment choking on dried bark and matter

From her vase near the window

Her petals felt the vibrations of others he was caring for

The African violets, fragile, old and needing extra attention

The five tulips in various stages of growth, petals sturdy until a gust of wind comes along

There was another, hidden out of sight being tended to

Her leaves felt the energy of the unseen

Bloom 🌺

Can you stop and water me so I don't die? These petals are for your pleasure. You picked me. Will you no longer care for me?

Her pollen sent the message

Now she must wait to see if she dies or lives

Her fate is in his hands

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