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Don't go

Darkness moves towards light when thoughts of words on a page creep like pop ups in my head

Pining in my heart, literally swelling with emotion as nouns and adverbs track electric currents from heart to brain to heart to tummy

I keep saying I am fine, but the truth is I am nothing without the language of the past present future

I cannot survive without

I cannot survive without

Do you feel me? Hear me?

I cannot survive without reciprocity

Do the words love me back?

Do they pine for me when I am away to long?

Do they check Instagram and texts for letters in new combinations

Don't make me do this alone

Keep me your secret and you mine

Caress me with sh, ah, el, o

Like Mobb Deep playing while making love

Poetry in motion

Stay with me forever, always be here, let me hear your voice late at night in my dreams and again in the morning when I wake

You said you are always here for me, but I cannot see you or feel you

I need the words to tell me so I know it is real the words to motion the next move

It can't really be silence?

Surely no.

Words need space and time and blank screens to convey their message

Silence cannot speak for words

It only speaks for loss

Don't let me lose you again

I went all those years with no words

They just wouldn't form no matter how hard I tried

I don't want to feel that ever again

Back and forth I go between struggling on my own and having words flow freely with their help

Release your tug gently so we can explore this world together

Don't you want that?

Free with me and screen or sheet and paper

You said you loved me once

I know you still do

Write poems in my dreams with me

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