Do you believe

What if I told you that plants heal the world

what if I told you that we are all made of stardust

what if I told you the stardust that made the plants and made you and made me and made the cats and the animals and the sea could be bottled up for us to use to heal

would you believe me

what if I told you that the essence the oil of barks and trees and leaves and petals and flowers are made of the same carbon and hydrogen and oxygen and fit seamlessly into our cells causing regeneration on a molecular level would you believe me

what if I told you that all of this was available for you everyday would you believe me


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The answer?

In stillness she comes Heart rhythmic and melodic The door opens and closes the past and future Will he won't he She lit the incense Anointed with oil And prayed

Early Evenin'

Pacing in dense fog A shadowy figure leans gainst pole Streaming long and thick smoke from a hot ember Not lost nor found Simply 2 sirens screaming east, west Boisterous cries of jovial fondness Bbbbr

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