Click your heels 3 times if you believe

Thrown for a curve down the yellow brick road into the poppy fields I go to drop in and tune out looking for a heart in the emerald city

Are you The Great Wizard showing up and disappearing at your whim with an air of assumption and grandeur offering body, mind, and spirit to lost girls with baggage

Heels clicked 7 or 8 times maybe overboard like waiting for an elevator to return home to the place of ease and comfort

Glass broken from the tower as a fanciful flight around town with you surveying what is ours and planning the future the legacy built on loyalty thru adversity and longevity

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I am Efflorescence. A plant in an efflorescence stage is blossoming. Not a full flower yet, and no longer a bud. We all are undergoing change. Let's reach our fullest potential together.

King and I

We must see now that the evils of racism, economic exploitation and militarism are all tied together. And you can’t get rid of one without getting rid of the other Mmm during a pandemic economic explo

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