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Caught up

Ever get caught in old habits

Doing things for a reaction

Then regretting

But not really cuz what happened

Is what you wanted

But not what you need

And it feels good and bad

At the same damn time

So you sit in the satisfaction and yuck

Of the situation

Promising that you won't do it again

Just to get that itch in a few

Weeks days hours minutes

And there you are back doing

What you love and feel bad about

Trying to reconcile the urge

When no words are sufficient

It is the aching of the heart

That leads the action

Not the ration of the mind

Plus you get thank you's

And attention

In the end we all want attention

So the deed is done from

the heart for the heart

Out of the cerebral

Into the joy of it all

All the while we live in

Head first heart last society

Which is painful

Cuz love is what really moves the world

So you want to love who you love

Without all the messy bits

Ending with a declaration of

Wild abandonment

After all that freedom

You are hit with

"Think about what you are doing"

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