• Tiffany Gorman

Burn America Burn

Days and nights of rage

Small suburbs

Big cities

This killing of Black bodies

As sport

This American past time

Capitalism is thought to be

A superior system

Don't talk about the

Human capital that has to be

Exploited for it to work

How can one MAXIMIZE profits

And treat people fairly?

Cannot happen

Either just profits and equity

Or max profits and injustice

Wild fires are just that



Burn indiscriminately

Destroy everything

Nothing spared

Fires burn days

Weeks even

Total destruction

New growth happens

Not immediately

New life does form

Once monarchs ruled the entire world

Power a matter of lineage

Not matter of skill

That world by and large gone

Presidents and Prime Ministers replaced

Those systems didn't end from peaceful protest

Property burned

Lives lost

Chaos ensued

Fire is cleansing

Fire consumes

Fire leaves nothing

Burn away sins

Burn away hate

Burn away corruption

Burn away inequality






© 2018