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Black man

I have this compulsion

To write poems about

Strong Black Men

It is because I have been

Blessed with a few loyal

Ones in my lifetime

Real men, none of this

Fake bullshit we see today

Men with strong opinions

And clean fingernails

Men whose self care vocabulary

Now includes bath, it didn't always

Men who do men shit

Can't really describe it but my finger

Can point to it

Self aware but like

You know manly

In the 1980's sense without the bravado

I call them womenist men

They have all that is right

In the womenist movement

From a real Black man's view

No sucka shit


I'ma 80's girl, I love macho!

I know i know, it is all toxic

And shit

But He Man and NWA raised me


I am the breadwinner

And I don't take out trash

While not believing in gender roles

Expect when it comes to trash

Cuz fuck that, I don't do trash

Are you a Black man in my life?

I love you and will live for you

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