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And so it is

He was godlike in his presence Wisdom dangling from lips Be courageous no bitch moves She devoured all the nouns, verbs Creations of thoughts as law Blinded by devotion and certainty Life was known deeper in his mind In his heart On his tongue Confucius like sayings confirming She needed to be braver Sitting under the bodhi tree Nirvana smelling clearly of teen spirit The movie reel of life and decisions He wasn't brave enough to announce his child all those years ago Too cowardice to proclaim his love of another of her He never just said I don't want you Afraid of her love and attention ending In the inhales and exhales of life She discovered Nut within her Her heart open and free Traced the line for desire Her intention set "I let go of people, things, ideas That no longer serve me." Hocus pocus and so it is

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