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A look back

I remember when we meet The air was fresher And the leaves danced in the zephyr The glances in crowded rooms Our widely known secret The edge of love and longing Words never spoken falling on Deaf ears and mute tongues Helen Keller could see more Life moves like the Nile The Mississippi The Amazon Ahead, washing away or carrying With the people places and things That make up an experience

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Words don't fail me now Spill out like the wails of mothers losing their babies at the auction block words comfort me like the prayers at dawn during The Fast to our benevolent God Muster up lifelong

It feels like flushed cheeks and pulsating jawbones It feels empty It feels like blood rapidly popping as it travels from heart It feels like nothing It feels like under/over eating It feels like a vo

The anxiety makes the stomach flip The depression makes the limbs heavy The tug and pull Is overwhelming and nauseating Gags Short breaths Teeth chattering Big sighs as tears roll down

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