• Tiffany Gorman

We the people

Updated: Feb 26



The world runs on magnetic forces in circles

Round and round

Tilting but never tottering

But us

We the people?

We fall flat like the Earth of dumb Europe

Limbs flayling wildly temper tantrum at the choices we make and don't want to be responsible for

Lives we have changed forever and want to walk away from

We the people?

Put faith in things we build

Have we learned nothing from all that is old and gone and no more

The monarch flies back and forth to the same places generation after generation no one says let's turn left today

Naw they follow the path of Earth of nature of God

With all this ability to think we think stupidly a lot

Elephants think

Dolphins think

Not like us

We say

Well true

They like living on Earth not fucking it up and thinking of living on Mars...


© 2018