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Eisenhorn Xenos Audiobook Download

Eisenhorn Xenos Audiobook Download - A Review of the Warhammer 40,000 Classic

If you are a fan of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, you may have heard of the Eisenhorn series by Dan Abnett. These novels follow the adventures of Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn, a member of the Imperium's secret police who hunts down heretics, aliens, and daemons. The first book in the series, Xenos, was published in 2001 and has since become a classic of the genre. Now, you can enjoy this thrilling story in a new format: an audiobook download.


In this article, we will review the Eisenhorn Xenos audiobook download and tell you why you should listen to it. We will also give you some information on how to get it and where to find more books in the series.

What is Eisenhorn Xenos about?

Eisenhorn Xenos is the first book in the Eisenhorn trilogy, which also includes Malleus and Hereticus. The trilogy is part of the larger Warhammer 40,000 setting, a grimdark science fiction universe where humanity is beset by enemies from within and without. In this dark future, there is only war.

The protagonist of the series is Gregor Eisenhorn, an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos. His job is to investigate and eliminate any alien threats to the Imperium of Man, a vast galactic empire ruled by the God-Emperor. Eisenhorn is a ruthless and dedicated agent of the Inquisition, but he is also a complex and conflicted character who faces moral dilemmas and personal challenges.

In Xenos, Eisenhorn is on the trail of an old enemy, a rogue trader named Pontius Glaw. He discovers that Glaw is involved in a sinister conspiracy to recover an ancient tome of dark power: the Necroteuch. This book contains secrets that could unleash a horde of daemons upon the galaxy. Eisenhorn must stop Glaw and his allies before they can unleash this evil.

Along the way, Eisenhorn gathers a team of loyal companions, including his trusted aide Aemos, his pilot Medea, his interrogator Midas Betancore, and his warrior acolytes Harlon Nayl and Godwyn Fischig. He also encounters allies and enemies from various factions of the Imperium, such as the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Imperial Guard, the Space Marines, and the Ecclesiarchy.

The story takes Eisenhorn across several worlds and locations, from the hive city of Hubris to the jungle planet of Eechan to the space station of Thracian Primaris. He faces dangers and horrors at every turn, from alien beasts to cultists to assassins. He also has to deal with his own inner demons, as he begins to question his methods and his faith.

Why should you listen to Eisenhorn Xenos?

There are many reasons why you should listen to Eisenhorn Xenos as an audiobook download. Here are some of them:

  • It is a great introduction to the Warhammer 40,000 universe. If you are new to this setting, Eisenhorn Xenos will give you a glimpse into its rich lore and history. You will learn about the Imperium of Man, its factions and enemies, its culture and religion, its technology and warfare. You will also get a sense of its grimdark tone and atmosphere.

  • It is a compelling story with memorable characters. Eisenhorn Xenos is not just a collection of action scenes and battles. It is also a well-written story with a complex plot and intriguing twists. It has characters that you will care about and root for, as well as villains that you will love to hate. It has moments of humor and tragedy, suspense and horror, mystery and revelation.

  • It is narrated by Toby Longworth. Toby Longworth is an award-winning voice actor who has narrated many audiobooks for Black Library, the publisher of Warhammer 40,000 books. He has also voiced characters in video games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, Dragon Age: Origins, and Mass Effect 2. He does an excellent job of bringing Eisenhorn Xenos to life with his voice. He gives each character a distinct personality and accent, from Eisenhorn's calm and authoritative tone to Glaw's sinister and mocking voice. He also adds emotion and drama to the narration, making you feel the tension and excitement of the story.

How to get Eisenhorn Xenos audiobook download?

If you are interested in listening to Eisenhorn Xenos as an audiobook download, you have several options. You can get it from the following sources:

  • [Apple Books]: You can get Eisenhorn Xenos from Apple Books for $28.99. You will need an Apple device and an Apple ID to access it. You can also listen to a free sample before you buy it.

  • [Black Library]: You can get Eisenhorn Xenos from Black Library for $39.99. You will need to create an account and download the Black Library Audio app to access it. You can also listen to a free extract before you buy it.

  • [Audible]: You can get Eisenhorn Xenos from Audible for $24.95 or for free with a 30-day trial membership. You will need to create an account and download the Audible app to access it. You can also listen to a free sample before you buy it.

Where to find more books in the Eisenhorn series?

If you enjoyed Eisenhorn Xenos and want to continue the saga of Inquisitor Eisenhorn, you can find more books in the series from the same sources mentioned above. The next two books in the trilogy are Malleus and Hereticus, which follow Eisenhorn's further adventures and trials. There is also a spin-off trilogy called Ravenor, which focuses on one of Eisenhorn's former acolytes, Gideon Ravenor, who becomes an Inquisitor himself. Additionally, there are several short stories and novellas that expand on the characters and events of the series, such as The Magos, Pariah, and The Keeler Image.

The Eisenhorn series is one of the most popular and acclaimed works in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It has been praised by fans and critics alike for its quality of writing, its depth of worldbuilding, its character development, and its exploration of themes such as faith, corruption, and morality. It has also been adapted into other media, such as a video game called Eisenhorn: Xenos and a planned live-action TV series.

If you are looking for a thrilling and immersive sci-fi experience, you should not miss Eisenhorn Xenos audiobook download. It will take you on a journey across the galaxy with one of the most iconic heroes of Warhammer 40,000. It will make you laugh, cry, gasp, and cheer. It will make you a fan of Eisenhorn and his world.

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