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Enjoy Your Favorite Music and Videos Offline with You Catcher

aTube Catcher is a free full suite video downloader that can convert, create, download, record, and resize media. The program functions with audio and video content: Blu-Ray, DVD, VCD, MP3, etc. This software is only compatible with Microsoft Windows equipment. The operating systems that the tool is available within are Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP.

you catcher download music and videos

aTube Catcher is safe to install on PC computers and laptops. After accepting the license agreement within the installation process, a window prompting you to download third-party freeware will arise. You'll want to make sure to be careful while downloading aTube Catcher because if you click through the pages too quickly, then you may accidentally install other apps during the process.

When people download aTube Catcher, they are able to safely retrieve multimedia content from the internet. The software is securely installed into the PC. aTube Catcher is the best option for downloading videos from YouTube because there is no risk of personal information being taken. The process is simple and easy to retrieve video content from websites: Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

4K Video Downloader is a free download for audio and video file formats. 4K Video Downloader and aTube Catcher are both advertisement free applications that can support downloading multiple videos from website browsers: Facebook, YouTube, etc. Download VLC Media Player to easily and securely play the content gained from either of these apps.

aTube Catcher is a free and safe program that converts, downloads, and records video and audio content onto PC devices. Within the platform, you can resize videos. While the size of the media and level of connectivity to the internet are important, downloading speed is generally fast.

When it comes to downloading video files from the Internet, there are plenty of options available. Some, like Youtube-DLG, specialize in one particular site. Others, like 4K Video Downloader, offer multiple download and conversion options.

aTube Catcher can download videos from several sites, including YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. The download speed depends on your internet connection. The software can also convert between different formats (e.g., from AVI to MP4) and capture video in whichever file type you prefer.

Replay Media Catcher 7 will detect and download video and music from thousands of sites and streamed via many different protocols and in many different formats.Click here for the full list of supported protocols.

It does not matter what browser or other application you use to watch video or listen to music that is streamed from the internet. This is because Replay Media Catcher monitors the network stream for media, and once detected will download or record the stream.

When Replay Media Catcher detects a compatible stream, it will try and create another connection to download it. When Replay Media Catcher is downloading, there is no need to continue to play the video or music in your browser!

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Sometimes it is not possible for Replay Media Catcher to download the media. In these instances, Replay Media Catcher will record the stream as it plays in your browser. When Replay Media Catcher is recording in this manner you must continue to play the video or music in your browser. If you stop playback, then Replay Media Catcher will also stop recording.

Replay Media Catcher displays Downloading or Recording in the Status column of the Home tab for the respective methods. If a stream is protected and cannot be downloaded or recorded directly, then you can use the Audio Recorder (for audio content) or Digital Video Recorder (for video content) Capture Methods to save the media.

You can perform manual downloads using the URL bar, found directly beneath the AUTO switch. As the hint text suggests, you can manually type in a URL, copy & paste a URL, or drag & drop a URL into the text field. If you already have a URL copied to the Windows clipboard, you can also use the clipboard button at the end of the URL field. Then click the Enter key or press the download arrow button. Replay Media Catcher will visit the URL and attempt to grab streaming media from it. The final DVR button in the bar will launch a Digital Video Recording of media at the URL (please refer to Capture Method - Digital Video Recorder for more information).

Oftentimes, online media will be streamed in multiple formats and qualities. For compatible streams, Replay Media Catcher will detect the different available media formats and give you a choice as to which to save. Expand the formats listing and double-click on the one you want to download. The line will turn green, indicating that the video is queued for download. If you are interested in only saving a particular format or quality all of the time, you can act on those preferences with the Preferred Download Quality and Preferred Download Format options at the bottom of the window.

Videos from some streaming websites cannot be directly downloaded or recorded using the Stream Capture method. For these cases, Replay Media Catcher 7 has a powerful Digital Video Recorder feature. In this mode, only one recording can be done at a time. From the Capture Method icon in the top right toolbar, choose Digital Video Recorder. The Digital Video Recorder feature is available on systems running Windows Vista and above.

Some guides provide the ability to download and schedule downloads directly from within the guide itself. Others require Internet monitoring or audio recording to be switched on to capture media as it plays in the guide.

Replay Media Catcher contains a sophisticated scheduler, which allows you to schedule regular and unattended downloads and/or recordings. The scheduler takes into consideration the time zone of the source, and also handles changes in daylight savings between the source and you. This is particularly important for regular radio recordings.

If you want a Custom location for saving the downloaded and recorded media, make sure the Custom radio button is selected. Then, at the bottom in the Output Folder field, enter the location you would like to save media to. You can also click on the ellipsis, "...", at the end of the line to bring up a folder navigator for choosing a location.

When you turn on the Auto mode for Stream Downloading, Replay Media Catcher will watch network traffic for data that looks like media. Replay Media Catcher does this using either the WinPcap Monitor or Applian Network Monitor driver. If you are not seeing any media being downloaded when Auto is ON, then you may need to switch to the other driver. WinPcap is the preferred driver due to fewer conflicts with other software, and Network Monitor is specifically recommended for downloading media over VPN connections.

Selecting a preset from this drop down means that any download, recording or conversion started after the preset is changed will be converted to that format. If you don't wish for a conversion to occur, select Don't Convert, and you will see No Conversion Setting.

You have full control over the preset conversion settings and can create, delete and modify them. However as new devices and formats are released, preset conversion settings will be updated, and these are automatically downloaded when you start the application.

Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) is an adaptive streaming protocol which means that the quality of the media displayed changes based on your internet connection. If you are encountering many HDS streams that fail to download, you may want to set Replay Media Catcher to record them all.

Audio and video streamed over the HTTP protocol is identified by the Content Type. You can add and remove Content Types and the associated File Extensions.Reinstall FireFox HTTPS Scanner: Firefox updates sometimes delete our certificate for downloading over HTTPS. Click Reinstall to add the certificate again.

Some videos are available in multiple resolutions and qualities. The Video Page Extractor can search for the multiple video options and allow you to choose which you want to download. If you encounter a website that offers multiple resolutions (as determined by observing multiple versions being download in Auto mode) you can add the URL here.

Replay Media Catcher supports adding third party plug-ins like rtmpdump to handle the downloading of streams. If Replay Media Catcher cannot download or record a file, installing a plug-in can give it extended power.

Live FLV streams such as webcams sometimes send incorrect timestamps. This means the file created for the download plays back incorrectly. The following settings allow you to control how these are fixed.

The RTMP protocol allows us to request the amount of data the server should send in each chunk. Requesting a large chunk means that in many instances the download will happen much faster than the playback speed. The following settings allow you to control how this Super Download feature works.

Replay Media Catcher can download torrents by clicking appropriate links on websites. Replay Media Catcher's torrent and magnet link downloader (based upon Aria2) is controlled via the following settings.

Replay Media Catcher is the only video downloader software you'll need to capture video or audio from almost any web browser. Most files can be downloaded at 10x speed, and for music sites that use encrypted formats, you can legally record them with the built-in audio recorder or our powerful DVR feature.

Replay Media Catcher also contains media guides to help you find and save online video, movies, TV shows and music. We've made it easy to find and grab the content you want in one simple step. You're going to love the new media guide.

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