My children are truly my spirit lifters Managing my dad that's work So, that makes me really nervous I need a massage and that is not an essential business I'm anxious for my big kids who are adulting and far away from me

My highschooler may need to be "re-homed" He is cherishing the time. I try to as well. Right now I am confident that she is safe and making good choices Praying a lot!! Doing alright, thanks We are doing good I'm holding down the home front in Frisco

We are managing...getting more into a rhythm To be honest I'm overwhelmed I'm losing it with this 3 year old terrorist!!!!! I'm loving all the extra time... Moms are such good educators... First time mom with a 6 month old. It's scary but hanging in there Overwhelmed! How are YOU doing mama?


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Enslaved song of hope

Swing low, sweet chariot Coming for to carry me home Swing low, sweet chariot Coming for to carry me home I looked over these United States and what did I see Coming for to carry me home A band of rac

Nine Eleven

September eleventh, what happened in Nigeria that day? Been obsessed with Imperialist USA. Today I wonder what happened in Cambodia Kenya El Salvador On 9/11/01 Those souls I hope are free of pain Hav

Please don't go away from me

Rain dripping from roofs Hiding the sun Bringing nourishment to the Earth, The Foundation I love what the rain does But sometimes the timing Not when I want, when I need Can you focus with the sound B

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