Purple Rain

Dearly beloved

We are here in midst of a global pandemic

Facing death yet celebrating life

Thru music

Rich chords

Booming bass lines

Riveting guitar solos

Let's go crazy

In our living rooms

Dancing and singing

Filling up with the spirit

Of life to sonic waves

Vibrating in ear drums

Signaling synapses

Manifesting as pleasure to your body

The beautiful ones


Speak the names often

Allow the music to

Dance on your heart

Sweet memories of love making

Nights of endless parties

Crying sessions of heartbreaks

He was there for all of those

The Purple Rain Soundtrack

Of every year of my life

Born in '77 to a fan

I never knew a world without him

And even today, his physical gone

But I still know him

The only royalty I call my own

Prince Rogers Nelson


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