Muse muse muse O wherefore art thou

Sometimes I over think shit

Put my foot in my mouth with beautiful flowing words

That create a tapestry of raw passion and embarrassment

But I do it anyways

Poetry demands that I make a fool of myself and express every deep dark thought in those hidden places

Hidden for a reason

To keep me safe from myself

But the muse that the creative is drawn from plays a back and forth with me

Share everything

Tell me nothing

Say only this

Say all of that

I got foundlost in my head and heart

Reaching and pulling away toward

True poetic freedom

When the outside gaze truly doesn't mean a fucking thing

Just the words of the poet as myself or as narrator

Can never be sure how I am speaking

You're so vain you probably think this is about you

And maybe it is

Or not

The words keep coming going


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