First prayer in months

Dear God,

The world is unfolding new power

In the midst of sorrow and chaos

And I I I I

Just don't know what is going on

When the bad is so loud and

I know there is good happening

And I I I

Am trying to figure it all

But that is not my responibility

To figure it all

I must keep my nose to the grind

And remember that made in

The Image of Light

Means capacity for infinite thought

Control over what manifests in

My mind

Like shaping Adam and Eve from clay

That is Your metaphor for thought creation

Bestowed upon me

And I I

Remember that you are real

You don't "let things happen"

Rather free will is ALWAYS ours

The calamities are by products

Of previous actions of free will

And like a great doctor you prescribed the remedy

But we do not take and remain ill

That is not you letting

That is use ignoring

And I

Know that the remedy is


For in justice comes truth and compassion

Honesty and love

Determination and obedience

Thanks for listening


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