Did I do that?



I love you okay

Fucking COVID 19

Fucking racism

Making me all crazy and shit

Forgot to say don't mind me

I thought I was built for the solitude

Apparently it makes me crazy

Panick attacks that start as

Flutters in my tummy and end as long deep breathes as I pace back and forth

Followed by spurts of creative

Ending in silent dry tears

Falling drop by drop inside my mind

Leaving my face undampened

As I mull over another bad decision in expression

Stay sane

Stay stable

Don't embarrass yourself

Take your foot or your mouth

Fucking be easy

The giddiness of a teen

But shit you grown as hell

Are these really desperate times?

Or just looking desperate in this time

I promise I think higher of myself

Even if it's hard to show today

I mean

Fucking COVID 19

Fucking racism

Got me all kinds of messed up in the head


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