We the class of 2020 Graduating with a degree in humanity A concentration in anxiety control A minor in surviving pandemics These lessons in hand washing 101 and advance hand washing 402 elevate our knowledge to heights of seasoned researchers Whether it is your Google class room diploma Or Blackboard degree This education is for a lifetime We might not walk across stages But the sourdough starter i grew

is my celebration Feeding my family a cap and gown Texting, zooming, calling my loved ones, my moment on the stage So, during this unbelievable craziness Let us rise and know that we came through this We are making memories that will be talked about for a hundred years We, The mighty COVID Slayers The Korona Killas The Pandemic Playas The Lysol Bandits The Sanitizing Saints

The Face Mask Marauders The n95 Protectors the Social Distancing Dragons We, The graduating class of 2020 are heroes in our own right


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