61 Singles Discography

I wanna rock with you

Til the break of dawn


We're almost there

Ease on down the road

Who is it?

Liberian girl

Dirty Diana

Billie Jean

Beat it

She's out of my life

Remember the time

One day in your life

Just a little bit of you


The way you make me feel

I just can't stop loving you

Say say say

Farewell my summer love

Another part of me

In the closet

Gone too soon

You are not alone

Ain't no sunshine


With a child's heart

Music and me


I wanna be where you are

Morning glow

Don't stop til you get enough


They don't care about us

Blood on the dance floor

Stranger in Moscow


Heal the world

Earth song

Smooth criminal

Leave me alone

Black or white

Man in the mirror

Human nature


A brand new day

You can't win

The girl is mine

Wanna be stain startin somethin


Got to be there

Rockin robin

Girl you're so together

Give in to me





You rock my world

Will you be there

One more chance



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