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 John G Shedd A world thriving with aquatic life Balancing on the edge of Chicago and out there From the L it is a lighthouse at the end of the road Beckoning me to travel to the East my brother, to the East my brother, to the East my brother, to the East Watch the sun rise over this mixture of our creation and God's creation The blue of the pyramid, of the lake, of the sky Sparking compassion, curiosity and conservation for the aquatic animal world What kind of stewards are we, me Of this one place we can live free? This mass of rock and water is so vast and yet barely a speck Important to the universe like the nucleus of a heart cell in a beluga whale No gesture is too small Butterflies can cause hurricanes Bees make the world grow This marvel of the Midwest No Jim Crow allowed The Defender exclaimed This city, home to race riots, redlining on the Redline An anti-depressive in the midst of depression Wonder if Capone and Nitti and them walked with the fishes These waters teaming with beings big and small Sustained by people who love, understand and protect them Give us all reasons to pause reasons to be in awe reasons to fight reasons to dedicate our lives to save our lives King Triton, Oshun The Gods of water are no fad or hashtag It is what separates us from the other planets These lives that brought animals to land need saving from us, from us No straws are nice Voting responsibly much better Recycling is good Pressuring Aldermen for your ward even better This building, this monument, this aquarium more than Wild reef more than an experience This Shedd One Shedd This is a way of being Doing Living Life 


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