Phillis Wheatley

Updated: Feb 26

I wonder how she felt every day working cleaning sewing mending scrubbing and writing and writing and writing and writing I wonder how she felt knowing she was taken knowing she had parents maybe siblings a family away across the journey I wonder how she felt seeing others black like her in this strange land cooking cleaning serving serving serving I wonder what it felt like to sit and have white men say that yes indeed these words are yours when you knew all along they had always been yours you wrote them I wonder how she felt having to get back on a ship to go to another country to have her words her work published because the men in this country wouldn't allow it I wonder how she felt dying alone poor unknown black she is my greatest inspiration these days she gives me hope she makes me cry her life was not in vain her life is so powerful it had so much meaning her courage to keep on keepin on her tinacity to write when it was frowed upon her spirit to take these peoples religion as her own this woman This African this poet may you live on 

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