Updated: Feb 26

I blow you kisses cuz I love you

Fat red cheeks covered in cheese sauce little fingers graham cracker crumbs caught between webs I blow you kisses cuz I love you eyes the size of saucers blue as the sky on a clear day repeat after me I blow you kisses cuz I love you books make your world go round, mine too so I will continue to blow you kisses cuz I love you


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Nine Eleven

September eleventh, what happened in Nigeria that day? Been obsessed with Imperialist USA. Today I wonder what happened in Cambodia Kenya El Salvador On 9/11/01 Those souls I hope are free of pain Hav

Please don't go away from me

Rain dripping from roofs Hiding the sun Bringing nourishment to the Earth, The Foundation I love what the rain does But sometimes the timing Not when I want, when I need Can you focus with the sound B

Magical Pentagon

Magical pentagon with 5 tubes Raw it is hard Fibrous Dry Oh, but mother Africa said Add water Add heat Slippery Slimmey Gooey With the pop of a seed with every Bite Gumbo Okra From Africa to America A

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