Thursday Movement

Updated: Feb 26

Update: I had to run, the bus was coming lol!

My cat Sprinkles woke me up with licks to my face, I was still quite tired.  I usually wake up early and do yoga.  Not today.  I am not hardcore.  I fail at scheduling yoga on a daily consistent basis.  However, I always move.  I take the stairs instead of elevators and escalators.  So today, I will walk.  I am leaving my house a little bit earlier, so I can walk to the bus stop a little farther away.  I will take a walk during my break at work today.  Between work and class tonight, I will stretch.  The point is to move your body daily.  High five to the gym rats, I don't like all the people working out around me.  Makes me uncomfortable.  High five to the dance class, yoga class people.  Same thing, people working out near me is a weird feeling.  So, this is for the solitude type people.  Grab a YouTube video, put on your workout clothes, and turn your house into your gym.  Or, Spring has sprung today, go outside and take a walk.

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