Monday Meditation

Good morning! I need this moment of meditation more than you can ever know. Last night, well most of yesterday, I was feeling less than. I was feeling like the creative spirit, that part that connects us to God, was lacking in my life. I have a deep desire to make something, anything with my hands, but I am not skilled in the art of sewing, needlepoint, or other crafts. I want to create something from recyclable goods, as to be a benefit to Earth, not a strain. Wanting to create something bigger than me. My lovely husband went through the list of all that I create, but it didn't feel like it was enough. Or useful. Or that I am an expert. So, this morning I breathe in His light, His source, His creative force. In, out, in, out. I am creating these words, and isn't that something? These words matter. I am an extension of The Creator, part of the Universal. I am enough, and all that I do is enough, you too. These moments of peace are important and necessary. Allah'u'Abha

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