Friday Families and children

I decided to go to graduate school this year.  I have a deep love for children and an interest in how they develop.  So I attend Erikson Institute studying Child Development.  Fridays will be spent discussing how children develop, why they do what they do, and how we as the adults that love them, can help support and encourage that development.  I will definitely take your lead on this topic, answering your questions, giving feedback on child rearing practices, and intertwine this information with close attention to cultural values and differences.  We must remember that early childhood theories were developed by mostly white men and some white women, about usually their own children.  A lot of the information we have don't take into account the importance and impact of  culture.  There are babies in the world who never crawl.  That doesn't mean they don't learn to walk, their culture set up is one where crawling is an unnecessary activity.  SO when we talk about milestones, we must keep cultural identity at the forefront of our minds.  Some people believe any physical discipline of children is abuse, others believe tapping legs and hands are positive ways to correct behavior, but that leaving marks on children, cursing at children are the real signs of abuse.  The one thing we must remember is that NO ONE IS ALL RIGHT!!!! Our Western culture, combined with White Supremacy makes us often believe that the only right way to rear children is the way in which we do it. I encourage you all to read with open eyes, and hearts, and a view of the complexity and richness that culture plays in child development and rearing.

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Friday Families and children

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