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Anyone who knows me knows that I am Baha'i. I make it well known. But you may not know what a Baha'i is or what the Faith means. I will deepen, reflect, and meditate on The Writings on Tuesdays. Please, ask questions in the comments so we can have a dialogue. My purpose is not to convert, speak down on any other faith, or question your devotion to God. I simply want to share a Faith that is helping me deal with the racism of this world and not hate people. A Faith that is guiding the moral and spiritual life of my daughter, and how it is encouraging my husband who is not a member.

When I first started my investigative journey, a dear Fiskite and member of the Faith, gave me a list of books to read. The one that grabbed my attention was The Elements of the Baha'i Faith by Joseph Sheppherd. What a gem! As I was reading this book, I felt a connection like I had never felt before. A little background on my spiritual journey. I was born into a Catholic extended family, but no religion in my immediate family. I wasn't baptized, my mom wanted that to be my decision. At 6, my mom and I started studying with Jehovah's Witnesses until I was 13 years old. Saturday morning classes, an hour a piece, but we didn't go to The Kingdom Hall often. In my junior year of high school, I took a world's religion class, and was fascinated by all of the different faiths. I asked myself, how did all of these different religions come to be, and how can only one be right? In college I studied with The Nation of Islam for a semester, and then Sunni Muslims. Just searching. It wasn't until I was on Facebook over a decade later, and my Fiskite friend had posts about Iranians being denied education and being jailed for practicing the Baha'i Faith, that this religion found me.

Back to the book. The book is separated into 4 parts. I am going to jump right to the part that captured me. Chapter 12, on page 63, The Concept of Progressive Revelation. It is the idea that God gives humanity Messengers over the eons to help us turn back toward him. All of these Messengers in different parts of the world, are sent by him, and continue down a long line of spiritual messengers before them. So, my questions about the similarity of religions being worth looking into, was confirmed. A quote from the Prophet/Founder of The Baha'i Faith, Baha'u'llah states:

Contemplate with thine inward eye the chain of successive Revelations...I testify before God that each one of these Manifestations hath been sent down through the operation of the Divine Will and Purpose, that each hath been the bearer of a specific Message, that each then been entrusted with a divinely-revealed Book and been commissioned to unravel the mysteries of a mighty Tablet. The measure of the Revelation with which every one of them hath been identified had been definitely fore-ordained. Gleanings From the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh XXXI p. 74-75

The many Truths of all the faiths are divinely drawn. I believe that whole-heartedly. That was the main reason I became a Baha'i. Next week I will go more into the practices and beliefs of Baha'is.

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