Monday Meditation

It is the beginning of the month, beginning of Spring, and the beginning of the week. Let's set the tone for the week with a moment of self reflection, breathing, and quiet. If you have 2 minutes, you can meditate. But the question isn't doing the practice, the question is why is important to do daily? The daily practice of meditation practice is because of that word, practice. Only through practice do we become a master of anything. Through practice, we begin to notice trends, and make connections. Through practice we get better. Through practice, a chaotic 2 min meditation session becomes a very targeted and focused 2 min session, or a 30 min session. Practice will help you get to calm faster in future stress situations. So, set a 2 min timer, right now, sit in a comfortable position, with your back nice and straight. Close your eyes, and take in a couple of deep cleansing breathes through your nose, and exhale through your nose. Breath. Keep your attention on the sensation of breathing, which ever sensation grabs your attention most. The warm air pulling through your nostrils, the filling of your belly, the cool air pushing out your nostrils, or the empting of your belly. Thoughts will come, they are not the problem. It is learning to let them come and then go without being swept away in the thought that is the goal. Focus back on your breathing. Relax your face muscles, your head, your neck, relax your shoulders, your arms, relax your back muscles, your belly. Breath in, breath out. Time! How do you feel? When things get stressful, remember your breathe is always with you, use it to get back centered. Until tomorrow.

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