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Updated: Feb 26

I go through this every year. A period of time where I blog and a longer period of time where I don't. Trying to find my role in this social media world as an extremely private, outgoing introvert. I am still searching. In the mean time, I have some ideas I want to share, books I want to write, and mostly people to reach to read what I write. As this cannot continue to just go on in my head, it is time I make my period of blogging longer than not. I have being practicing yoga and meditation on and off for 10 years. I just started practicing Kemetic Yoga, of course from the privacy of my writing room, and this feels different. I feel more spiritually in touch. I feel more alive. My breath is longer, my exhale more complete. I am going to take this practice and move it to my writing practice. Each day it will get longer, more complete. I want to use to this platform to expose you all to the Baha'i Faith that shapes me, my practice of yoga and meditation that grounds me, my love of poetry that gives me an opportunity to be God-like and create, and finally share my knowledge of child development. I will dedicate one day a week to each of these 5 topics. This keeps you engaged with the topic that is most important to you, keeps me writing daily, and allows me to explore myself deeper while connecting with you, my readers. I look forward to this journey with you, please let me know if you questions, ideas, topics you would like me discuss.

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