God save us all

Racism pours lava on cat of nine tails whipped backs bloody fleshy pieces flying into eyes mouths noses sexism leaves misogynistic abortions dangling from fibroid covered uteruses no life can form cries from unborn babies searching for mother's milk hot acid instead streaming from fake breasts the cancer took the real ones asthmatic breaths under illegal chokeholds resisting death not arrest transphobia from trans ams leaving transfusions for transwomen already transformed rape culture taking forcefully EVERYTHING peace safety sanity purity innocence allowing boys girls women men to be shoved with dicks in mouths silence single tear falling your fault slut felon alter boy Christian terrorism never identified vilified no that was necessary to promote democracy expand the world of Christendom give the dark people white supremacy inferiority complex guns torture rape pillage now blames Islamic radicalism on the ills of the world poverty forcing parents to sell children into slavery to save other children adopted by good intention white folks living in closets used as sex slaves dying in land of free 1950s gay conversion a conversation again didn't work then won't work now stay out of peoples love life worry about pediphiles being labeled a lifestyle there is harm 

God save us all


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